Release Notes

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  • Heli/governor mode has been implemented (see below). Compatible with MAV Manager 1.7.1.
  • Modified reading of T125 settings. In this version, after you connect T125ID for the first time, all ESC/motor settings are updated according to the motor-ID chip. And anytime you change the settings stored in your T125ID sensor, the values will be rewritten in the controller.
  • In case you use a retractable fan, you are able to choose the setting “Motor Enabled” and select “Autostart when input pin is log.0 or log.1.” In this case, the controller will start spinning as soon as the input pin state allows it and throttle position is above idle position.
  • Fixed function of motor brake when a backup battery option is enabled. If you now enable the backup battery option, the flight pack and backup receiver battery may be connected in arbitrary order. The flightpack voltage must always be higher than voltage of the backup battery and the backup must be sufficiently charged.
  • Spektrum firmware: Sleep mode has been disabled for controllers without BEC. Using this approach, we can reliably provide the detection of Spektrum telemetry and configuration over the transmitter.
  • Note: If you use an ESC with a galvanic isolation, always turn on the ESC before the receiver.
  • Spektrum firmware: Throttle control and telemetry transmission over a single SRXL2 cable has been implemented. The controller is now compatible with the Spektrum SMART Throttle. Connect the RED “Data” connector to the receiver port No.1 (Throttle) and the function will be enabled automatically. Keep the BLACK “Signal” connector unplugged, or use only its +/- wires to strengthen the BEC throughput.


  • Improved on-the-fly startups (When the propeller is spinning).
  • Optimized PC configuration.


  • Supports the latest controller types: ESC-200, ESC-220, ESC-115, ESC-155, ESC-55, ESC-65.
  • Implemented additional telemetry. The telemetry is detected automatically during startup and the ESC offers similar telemetry values as for JETI EX (Battery voltage [V], Motor current [A], Capacity [mAh], Speed [RPM], PWM [%], Power [W], Running time [s], Energy [Wmin], Temperature [°C], External temperature [°C], Motor status (0-5).
  • With some systems, it is also possible to assign a dedicated throttle-reversing channel, which is read directly from the bus. ESC configuration, at the moment, is not possible through the transmitter.
  • Better handling of motor startups while the propeller is spinning (on-the-fly start) and if the Freewheeling mode is set to “Active braking”. The reaction is now faster and smoother.
  • Controller configuration through the PC-USB interface. Use the latest version of MAV Manager (1.4.0 and newer) and connect the ESC through the interface to your PC. After the auto-detection is performed, you’ll be able to enter the configuration menu.


  • Reduced heat generation when the PWM value is close to full throttle.


  • Propeller positioning is now disabled if the ESC temperature gets above 100°C. Default positioning PWM has been reduced to 5%.
  • Added motor reversing feature (EX Bus, S.Bus2, SRXL2).


  • Added support for BEC controllers with optional switch and backup battery support.
  • Added Spektrum SRXL2 integration in a separate firmware file.


  • Improved MPX telemetry detection.
  • Propeller positioning: Added a telemetry status value (No.5) that informs you about the prop outside of the correct position.


  • Initial version.
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